Why We Chose To Host A Yoga Retreat In Greece

Wow! All of the sudden we are hosting our 4th international retreat. Life is but a dream when you follow yours. :)

We are so excited to bring together Roaming Yogis from all over the world to experience the magic of the Greek islands. 


June 2-9 we will island hop from Mykonos to Santorini to Crete, offering luxurious villa accommodation, daily yoga classes and healthy meals, and of course partaking in the most adventurous and picturesque offerings on each of these beautiful islands.

First things first. When people tell you they are going to the Greek Islands, you should ask definitely them, which ones?

There are over 200 inhabited islands in the Greek archipelago. They are most easily divided into 6 main groups, each with many distinguishing features. Mykonos and Santorini are both in the Aegean archipelago, and Crete, the largest Greek island, is a class of its own (literally).

One could spend a lifetime getting to know this part of the world, but we selected these 3 islands as they are the most popular, a great entry point into discovering all that Greece has to offer, and of course they are at the top of many people’s bucket list! 


Why We Chose To Host A Yoga Retreat In Greece

1. Epic Greek Beaches


If you look at a picture of a beach in Greece and don’t immediately wish you were there, you’re lying. You can almost feel the comfort of the day beds, the warmth of the island sun and the breeze on your skin. 

Some Cycladic beaches offer crazy day parties, others give off a laid back sleepy vibe, and still others feature serene volcanic black sand. The commonality? They are all charming, majestic and just down right sexy. 


2. Greek Architecture


For a lot of people, the Cyclades immediately conjures up images of pristine white and blue buildings (the colors of the Greek flag), beautiful intricate doorways, and cliffs overlooking the sea. Other signature aesthetics of Cycladic architecture are cobblestone streets, windmills and large domes. Whether you’re a history buff or into photography- the striking features of Greek architecture is even more impressive in person, and transforms people to a whimsical state of mind. 

3. Food & Drink

I’m not even exaggerating when I say the best meals of my life have been on the Greek islands. The culture is known for amazing food and drink. Every meal is a chance to live fully, partake in a social gathering, and to express gratitude for the abundance that nature provides us. 


Think loads of fresh vegetables (at one meal I had on Mykonos they even cut olives from an olive tree to get oil!), fruits, legumes, fish, yogurt and feta cheese. The red wine and creativity in cocktails and mocktails will not disappoint!

4. Greek Culture


The culture of Greece has always intrigued me. I remember learning about Greek philosophy in school and loving the sense of wonder behind it. At the same time Lao Tzu was creating Daoism in China and Buddhism was happening in India; Aristotle, Socrates and Plato were making sense of the universe through music, mathematics and astronomy.

Aside from a deep philosophical tradition, Greece was also known for sport, with the first Olympics in Athens as a central meeting point between the Eastern & Western worlds. 

5. Proximity for more travel

Greece is centrally located in Eastern Europe, giving easy access to both the west and the east for those wishing to continue their travels. Some of the most common spots people gravitate toward before or after a trip to the Greek Islands include Athens, Hungary, Turkey, Croatia and Italy.


If you’re an island loving yogi who has always dreamed of visiting Greece, this trip has your name all over it. Check out the event page on our website for photos of our villa accommodation and details on our itinerary and how you can reserve your spot!

*Please note that due to villa sizes, this trip is limited to the first ten guests to sign up!