10 Reasons To Go On A Roaming Yogi Adventure

Yoga retreats have made their mark in the last decade as a mainstay in modern group travel. The days of all inclusive booze slugging, eat till you can't move vacations are dead and people are seeking a more inspired way to travel and unwind. Thank God.

There's a million yoga retreats on the market. And we want to go on like all the trips. Seriously, all of them. We truly believe that the more yoga + travel, the better, and every experience will be divinely perfect with the right group of people coming together at exactly the right time. It's just the way things work around here (the Universe). Not to mention, with the internet and social media, exotic travel is more hyped and accessible than ever. Also awesome!!

With that, though, Kelly & I think it's important to have a really specific intention for our retreats. We have this awesome vision of a global tribe of travel loving yogis who are forever connected by shared life changing experiences and moments of self discovery. We hope you will feel called to join us at some point!

So, here you have it- our top 10 reasons to go on a Roaming Yogi adventure

1. You'll connect with likeminded people.


As a concept, group travel can stir up a lot of different opinions straight off the bat and emotions once en journey. With the shared interest of a yogic lifestyle, yoga retreats are already a good bet for meeting likeminded people. But when you combine that with people who love a new and unique adventure, you're getting a pretty specific group of humankind's finest.

So far, our retreats have attracted very open, curious and laid back people from all backgrounds. It has been one of my life's greatest blessings to experience people forming deep connections on Roaming Yogi Adventures. Some of these moments are locked in time, to be cherished as a memory, others have grown into lasting friendships. Anything is possible when you're open.

2. We are crossing trips off our bucket list.

Do you have a bucket list? Whether you've written it down or it lives in your heart, you know those far ends of the Earth that you have a burning desire to see, breathe and experience for yourself? Those places that you somehow intuitively know will have a piece of you forever as soon as you step on the land? Our Roaming Yogi destinations are our collective bucket list. One at a time, and carefully constructed to experience the space while embracing a yogic lifestyle, we will tick these locations off our bucket list. Once in a lifetime trips to live in our hearts forever. And if our bucket lists look similar... we can become regular travel buddies! A great thing about our trips is we're going new places every time! 

3. Immerse yourself in your yoga practice

Taking time off is all about getting back to your most balanced and happy state of being, right? Set yourself up for success by immersing yourself in your yoga practice and self discovery.

Our retreats feature daily and usually twice daily yoga and meditation classes as well as guided reflection sessions. You will have the opportunity, time and space to let your mind unwind and to connect with yourself on a new level. Yoga, travel & adventure all have the tendency to allow things to boil up to the surface and force us to face ourselves head on, so be open to transformative life experiences and mental and physical breakthroughs! 

4. Get out of your comfort zone

We are the wanderlust type with an insatiable desire to see and experience more, and our retreats reflect this in every way. We always look for the best way to get our adrenaline pumping in the local area. Whether it's hiking, camping, snowmobiling, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, and anything and everything in between, we like to shake it up and step out of our comfort zones regularly. It's safe there, but it's also stagnant and not very fun.

5. Expand your boundaries

Our adventures will take us to all ends of the world eventually. Our goal is to see and experience first hand how other people live. Once your mind is expanded by a new experience, it is impossible for it to go back to its original dimensions. Traveling with strangers too allows you to live in the moment, listen and learn about others and share bits of yourself in a safe, connected environment.

Visiting a new space allows us to abandon what we know and just allow people and the world to show themselves to us moment by moment. What a gift!

6. Experience nature's finest landscapes

A big part of our adventures is taking in breathtaking mother nature and the natural energy of the earth. If you look at our bucket list, you might notice a common thread- dramatic landscapes and epic displays of nature where there's not as much human arrangement. This year alone has taken us to the ancient Incan civilization of Machu Picchu and we'll go to see tectonic rifts and Northern Lights in Iceland this fall. A hint for next year... think islands. Lots of islands. =)

7. Eat like an all natural, local warrior wherever we go

Food is meant to fuel life and to be enjoyed; and we take our retreat meals very seriously! Exploring local cuisine is one of the most exciting parts of our day to day and another way to embrace adventure. We leave the prep work and cleaning to local chefs and enjoy nourishing meals while embracing mindful indulgences.

8. Enjoy free time

We always incorporate a few free days so that you can experience your Bucket List destination your own way. We have a few adventure days included in your package, and you can add on other excursions that we plan for your free days, explore on your own, or enjoy solo time to reflect at the amazing retreat centers we partner with. 

9. You're in good hands!

Kelly & I take great responsibility in making sure you feel taken care of in every way from the moment you express interest in traveling with us through our goodbyes at the end of our retreat. We pride ourselves on being very detail oriented and making sure communication is fast and seamless. We're very open to learning as we go, and if we don't have the answer to your question, we find it ASAP! 

10. You deserve adventure!

Still not convinced? Read testimonials from previous retreaters (some who are coming back for second & third adventures with us!) to learn more about what you can expect when traveling & practicing this thing called life with Roaming Yogi Adventures.

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