Set Your Intention For 2018

We are so excited for the opportunity to host a Vision Board + Intention Setting workshop for our community on Saturday January 13th!

Let’s gather to inspire fresh energy in each other and get serious about what we want to bring about in 2018. 

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If you’ve ever created a vision board, you’re probably well aware of how great of a tool it is to manifest your desires into reality. We both created one for 2017 and it is amazing to reflect on the intentions we set for starting a business and personal growth, as we’ve witnessed so much of it all unfold in the past 12 months.

What Is A Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual representation used to clarify a focus in your life. They’re often used for events, branding purposes, or in our case- to spell out to the universe exactly what we want in 2018 to evolve our souls. 

The Law Of Attraction

Maybe you’ve heard this buzzy phrase but don’t feel sure of the meaning. The law of attraction at its most basic level states that what we think about or focus our energy on, we attract more of. It can either work for us or against us, but it is present in our lives at all times.

Notice in the next day or so anytime you find yourself dwelling in a negative thought pattern. Do you see how your thoughts correspond to your experiences?

My favorite example is the time I was trying to enjoy a yoga class but had this nagging feeling about being over the limit on my parking meter. Sure enough I walked out after class to a ticket being written. I’m sure you have a similar experience? If we can manifest tickets, arguments, not being able to sleep, etc with just our thoughts... Imagine the power of focusing energy instead on the amazing things you do want to recognize more of in your life.

Manifest Your Reality

During our 2 1/2 hour workshop, we will guide you through a meditation to awaken to your soul’s innermost desires. Following meditation, you will get a chance to work with journal prompts to get more clear on  the areas of your life you will focus on in 2018.

Then we get to cut up health, wellness, travel & yoga magazines to create our vision boards

All supplies included- extra magazines are welcome if you’d like to bring any.

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We hope to see you there! 

Xo, Kelly & Alice