The Return of Saturn- What Does It All Mean?-

Digging further into Astrology has been one of the most fun and interesting parts of my year. I have gotten totally lost-and found -in learning about the different zodiac signs, celestial bodies & planets in relation to our human experience. I’m far down the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole with this one, and have no intention of coming up!


Clearly there is so much beyond what we can see and touch here on Earth, so anything beyond the physical realm intrigues me. Life is whatever we want it to be, right?

Among many other topics, I’ve become crazy interested in the Return of Saturn, an astrological transit that happens when the planet of Saturn returns to the exact same place in the sky that it occupied at a person’s birth (occurring between the ages of 27-31). Saturn’s Return can cause us to feel like we’re learning the tough love lessons of responsibility and discipline.

With my 28th birthday happening over this past weekend, and Saturn going into its native Capricorn today, December 20th (signaling the beginning of my return), I’ve been having clear messages coming through to me that the only way up is through, and my best self is waiting for me on the other side. I just have to work through how to get out of my own way.

I’m really grateful to know my friend Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter who has been studying Astrology for 20 years and I immediately thought to go to her to learn more about what I’m feeling and if it has anything to do with Saturn. I gave her a call and it was a total a-ha moment of clarity both in my life experiences and with this new hobby of Astrology.

Below are the highlights about what I learned from our conversation. I hope you are inspired to engage your curiosity about connecting what’s beyond you to what’s inside you! And if you are interested in Astrology please follow Jill on Instagram @spiritdaughter. She posts daily about what’s going on in the sky and it’s a great way to learn about all of the planets and the zodiac. She also has an amazing New Moon Workbook which I have been using each new moon to set my intentions for the next phase.

About Saturn

Each of the planets in our Solar System have unique qualities and personalities and rule a certain sign of the zodiac.


Saturn is the planet of responsibility and karmic lessons. It teaches us about self control, diligence and stability. Saturn is all about tough love and essentially disciplines us until we can learn to discipline ourselves.

Saturn takes 29 1/2 years to orbit the sun and humans tend to have major shifts around the time it returns to the sign it was in when we were born. . So between the ages of 27 and 31 you can expect to feel Saturn’s qualities more pronounced somewhere in your life.

Saturn was in the sign of Capricorn when I was born (roughly November 1988 - February 1991), and the planet is currently going into Capricorn again, signaling the start of our Saturn Return (if you were born between those dates too).

 Saturn and her rings

Saturn and her rings

bout Capricorn

The signs of the zodiac are constellations recognized from ancient Vedic Astrology. Each sign, just like the planets, has their own personality and is ruled by a corresponding planet.


Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Not surprisingly, this means Capricorn inspires many similar traits as the ones I mentioned above regarding Saturn. The sign of Capricorn brings more patience, organization, ambition, practicality and resilience.

With Saturn returning home in Capricorn today- it’s actually a great thing for us all because she feels most at home there. We all have the potential now to harness the positive traits of Capricorn to lead to real change in our lives. But we must go through the thick of transition. The only way up is through.

About the Houses of Astrology

Ancient Babylonian astrologers divided life into 12 different existential arenas, or “houses” to define the myriad of activities, emotions, relationships, etc that a human journey consists of.


You can determine what houses the planets occupy in your life to discover more about yourself in intimate detail by using a birth chart tool. All you need is your birth date, time and place. Click here to check it out!  

Your rising sign (or ascendant- used interchangeably)- is your first house. The signs of the zodiac then follow into each consecutive house. So for my horoscope, my first house is Libra, my second is Scorpio, third is Sagittarius, fourth is Capricorn, etc, etc.

I knew nothing about the houses of Astrology before talking with Jill- and this was one of my most exciting takeaways from our chat. The houses totally personalize Astrology.   

With Saturn in a person’s fourth house (like it is for me), they are apt to have heavy burdens and responsibilities early in life that may cause feelings of instability and a lack of grounding or roots. With Saturn in the fourth house it is also common to prioritize individual peace and privacy of one’s home life.

The journey of the Return of Saturn in the fourth house could mean learning the value of steadiness and routine. It could mean learning intimacy and trust, both with ourselves and others. It could also mean going full circle to deal with things we ignored growing up, or putting down stakes to plan for the future. 

As another example, my friend Kaitee was born under Saturn in Capricorn, but Capricorn is her seventh house‐ the house of marriage. So her Saturn Return experience will likely be totally different than mine and have to do with setting boundaries and finding the balance of give and take in partnerships. Crazy interesting stuff, right? 

This resonates so much with me and really helps me to connect the dots in my own experience. A lot of what I’ve been experiencing is the transition to loving the roots I’ve planted here at home in San Diego and take care of the busy-ness of day to day life rather than wanting to embrace my gypsy Sagittarius side full time. 

Although I'm sure moments of challenge will arise, I think this Return of Saturn period is going to be really good for me and full of growth to balance out my inner wild child. I think it already feels a lot like coming home. I'd love to hear your experience with the Return of Saturn. Have you felt any of Saturn's influence in your own life?