Yoga & Yummy Eats To Detoxify After Thanksgiving Weekend Part 1

Well, Thanksgiving is over (crazy, right?) and chances are that even if you had a vegan Thanksgiving like us, you probably had some extra sugar or alcohol in there somewhere. It's honestly extremely impressive if you didn't.

So, if like us, you feel like you need a bit of detoxing this week, then we've got your back. We've gathered some of the best detoxifying yoga poses and some vegan recipes to help you get right back to feeling refreshed, svelte, and ready to take on the world! 

Detoxifying Yoga Poses

Bridge Pose

This pose will help you to warm up your spine and get the blood moving to all the right places (like your digestive system). 

  • Begin by lying on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the ground. Place your arms down alongside your body with your palms face down. Keep your feet hip-width distance and walk them close to your body.

  • Press your palms into the ground as you exhale and lift your hips up towards the ceiling.

  • Stay active through the inner thighs and squeeze your glutes and abs. Hold for 8 Ujjayi breaths, then slowly roll back down to your back one vertebrae at a time.


Boat Twists

This pose strengthens the core and will get your heart rate up to burn off all of those holiday weekend treats.

Boat Pose correct.jpg
  • Sit down on the floor with your knees bent and your legs together. Place your feet on the floor and bend your elbows to place your hands behind your head, keeping your elbows out wide. Engage your belly and lift your chest up towards the ceiling. Point your toes and lift your heels off the ground.

  • Inhale to lift your chest up to center. On an exhale, lift your left foot off the ground and twist your upper body to the left to tap your right elbow to your left knee. Inhale to bring your upper body back to center and place your left toes back on the floor.

  • Exhale to switch to the other side, lifting your right foot up and twisting your upper body to the right to tap your left elbow to your right knee.

  • Make sure to keep your belly engaged and your chest lifted the whole time. Continue alternating side to side for 10 breaths.


Chair Pose

This blood pumping pose will tone up your legs, core, and arms.

  • Start standing up with your feet together so that your big toes are touching. There can be a little bit of space between your heels.

  • Take an exhale and sit your hips down like you are sitting into a chair. Lift your arms up to frame your ears with your pinkies turned in slightly. Squeeze your thighs together and keep your low belly engaged as you sit the weight back into your heels. Keep a natural curve in your lower back and squeeze your glutes. Hold for 10 breaths, then slowly stand back up.


Crescent Twist

Yep, we’re going hard. This pose builds heat and detoxifies by compressing the colon to get things movin, if you know what I mean.

  • Start in a low lunge position with your right leg forward. Have your left toes tucked under and the knee lifted off the ground. Firm up through your quadriceps.

  • Lift your hands off the ground and upright your chest to come into your crescent lunge. Then, bring your hands to a prayer position at your heart and inhale to lift through your chest and lengthen your spine.

  • On an exhale, twist your torso to the right to hook your left triceps outside of your right thigh. Hold for 8 breaths. Focus on lengthening your spine with your inhales and twisting deeper through your mid-back on your exhales by pressing your palms together. Make sure to keep your shoulders squeezing back, your neck long, and your belly engaged the entire time. After 8 Ujjayi breaths, inhale to come back to center and then switch sides by taking a low lunge on the left side.



This pose compresses the colon and puts the body in the anatomically correct position for elimination. 

  • Begin standing up with your feet slightly wider than hip-width distance. Turn your toes out so that your heels are in. Bring your hands to a prayer position at your heart and engage your belly.

  • Exhale to slowly lower yourself down to a squat, keeping your knees pointing out in line with your toes and dropping your hips down towards the floor.

  • Once your hips are low, use your elbows to press your thighs open. Keep everything active by pressing your thighs in against your elbows slightly and by keeping your chest lifting in towards the back of your thumbs. Keep your shoulders from rounding by squeezing your shoulder blades together, and keep your belly engaged. Hold for 8 Ujjayi breaths, then inhale to stand all the way back up.

***Tip: If this pose feels uncomfortable on your knees, you can modify by placing a block or a pillow under your hips.


Bow Pose

This energizing backbend will open up the front of the body, get your heart rate pumping, and keep blood flowing to the belly to assist with digestion.

  • Start laying down on your belly with your forehead down and your hands down alongside your body. Bend your knees bent reach back to place your hands on your ankles or feet. Draw your legs towards one another. 

  • Inhale to kick your feet or ankles up and back into your hand, using the kicking sensation to peel your chest off your mat. Keep your gaze down at the top of your mat so that your neck is long and continue squeezing your thighs towrds one another.

  • Stay for 5-8 breaths, releasing gently on an exhale. 


Supine Twists

This restorative pose stimulates helps speed up digestion by bringing the body into a parasympathetic state (rest & digest) and through the compression of the colon.

  • Start by laying down on your back. Hug your right knee in towards your chest. Then, draw the knee around your ribs towards your right shoulder to compress the colon.

  • Keep the right knee drawing up and in as your release your right arm out long to the side.

  • Use your left hand to draw your right knee across your body, bringing your spine into a twist. Make sure to keep your right shoulder on the ground the whole time.

  • You can keep your neck straight by looking up towards the ceiling or, for a deeper twist, turn your head to the right. Close your eyes and hold for 8 breaths. Use each inhale to find a little bit of length through your spine and use each exhale to let yourself twist a little bit deeper. Hold for 8 slow breaths and then switch sides.


Plow to Shoulder Stand

These two poses stimulates digestion and the thyroid gland to help regulate your metabolism, all while toning your legs, butt, arms, and abs.

  • Start laying down on your back. Place your arms down alongside your body with your palms facing down and straighten your legs up towards the ceiling. Flex your feet and pull your navel up and in towards your spine.

  • Inhale to press into your palms and lift your feet up and over your head towards the floor behind you to come into a plow pose. Then, bend your elbows and place your hands on your lower back. Draw the elbows in line with your shoulders and press down firmly with your triceps. If your toes don't touch the floor that is ok, but if they do, tuck your toes under and press your heels back to stack your hips over your shoulders. 

  • Stay in your plow or to go into shoulder stand, squeeze your thighs together and inhale to lift your feet up towards the ceiling into your shoulder stand. Press up through your shoulders and triceps and reach up through your toes. Press your hips towards the wall behind you, and your feet towards the wall in front of you to try and create a straight line with your body. Hold for 5-8 breaths, then come back to your plow before slowly rolling down.

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