Yoga & Yummy Eats To Detoxify After Thanksgiving Weekend Part 2

Ok, now that you've sweated and twisted out as many toxins as you can, it's time to fuel that sexy bod with some healthy, delicious, planet friendly food!

Detoxifying Eats

Proper nutrition is vital to detoxifying. From beets to greens to protein, we found the yummiest detoxifying recipes for each meal. And since this is a time of year where we are all busy AF, we've made sure that they are quick & easy to make too. 


Morning Turmeric Detox Drink

Apple cider vinegar can be INTENSE to drink but it has many health benefits, like: it lowers blood sugar levels, helps with weight loss, kills bacteria and may even kill cancer cells. Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory properties and is a strong anti-oxidant. Lemon water aids in digestion, boosts energy and strengthens your immune system. It’s easier to handle when you know how good it is for you!

From: Trial & Eater




1 cup warm water

1/2 lemon

1 tablespoon maple syrup (or honey)

1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar (make sure to get the kind with “mother”)

1/4 teaspoon turmeric

pinch of cayenne pepper



Mix it all together and bottoms up!




Vegan Dirty Chai Detox Breakfast Bowl

This detox breakfast bowls is energy-packed to set your day off right. This breakfast bowl is only healthy and nourishing, but full of antioxidants, rich spices and immunity boosting nutrients. Gluten free oats, almonds, and quinoa soaked in a coconut milk based dirty chai. Topped with dark chocolate and coconut cream. A filling breakfast bowl recipe that will perk you up in no time!

From: Cotter Crunch




Homemade Chai Mix

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp cardamon

1 tsp ground cloves

1/2 tsp ground ginger

1/2 tsp ground white or black pepper

pinch of sea salt

Breakfast Bowls

3/4 cup to 1 cup cooked quinoa or other gluten free cooked grain

1 cup gluten free quick oats or whole oats if you don't have quick.

2 tbsp - 3 tbsp almonds or dark chocolate almonds (slivered, whole, or chopped. Plus some for topping if desired)

1/4 cup maple syrup

10 - 14 oz almond milk or coconut drinking milk (any non dairy milk works) the additional 4 oz will be for pouring over the bowl after. It is optional

1 tbsp instant Espresso or coffee

Additional toppings/add-ons

A sprinkle of Cacao Nibs or dark chocolate almonds

2 tbsp coconut flakes (unsweetened)

cinnamon or fresh grated ginger

2 tbsp coconut cream or yogurt of choice (vegan, greek, etc.) per bowl

gluten free granola

maple syrup drizzle, etc.



First place all your chai mixes in a bowl. Mix together.

Next arrange your oats, quinoa, and almonds in a large bowl. Stir in your chai mix and maple syrup. Set aside.

Heat up 12-14 ounces of almond or coconut milk. Stir in espresso until dissolved.

Pour 10 ounces of the milk/espresso over the oats. More if you don't want any espresso left for topping. I kept 3-4 ounces of the espresso latte mix to pour over each bowl once ready to eat.

Place bowl in fridge for 2 hrs or up to 24hrs overnight.

Once the "detox" breakfast bowls have soaked, remove from fridge.

Scoop 1/2 cup to 2/3 cup into bowls.

Reheat bowl if desired.

Add a scoop of coconut cream (the thickened portion from the can of coconut milk) or yogurt on top of each bowl.

Pour 1 ounce additional milk espresso mix (latte basically) on top of each bowl to make it a "dirty chai." Pour the brew hot or cold brew depending on personal choice. Both ways taste great!

Sprinkle with coconut flakes, cacao nibs (or dark chocolate), and any additional almonds, spices, etc.



I kept 3-4 ounces of the espresso latte mix to pour over each bowl once ready to eat.

Feel free to use any cream/yogurt on top.

If you don't have quinoa, just sub for more oats.

*You can also replace the instant coffee with cocoa (unsweetened) if you want a decaf version or for kids! *



Detox Vegan Quinoa Salad

This salad fights free radicals and inflammation like Superman fights Batman, supports the liver at detoxification, sparks the brilliance of your mind and makes your skin look like silk. Make this the night before for a quick, easy, detoxifying lunch.

From: Beauty Bites

quinoa salad.jpg


1 cup cooked quinoa

1 pepper green or red

½ cup olives

1 spring onion

½ cup tomatoes-chopped

1 avocado

½ cup arugula

½ cup parsley

7-8 leaves basil

1 tsp vinegar

½ lemon – juice

1 tbsp olive oil

salt to taste


If you don't have cooked quinoa - cook it to label instructions and let cool for 30-60 min.

Chop all vegetables small (tomatoes, avocados, onions, peppers, olives, arugula, parsley, basil).

So small they'd be almost invisible.

Place cooled quinoa and chopped vegetables in a big mixing bowl.

Add lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil and mix everything well together. Add salt to taste (a small pinch should be enough, since the olives are also salty).

Store in an airtight BPA-free food container and for a healthy lunch - bring it to the office. It will be good if stored in the fridge for up to 24 hours - depending on how fresh your vegetables are.



The Best Detox Green Smoothie

Get back on track with this nutrient-packed green smoothie!

From: Running In A Skirt




1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 banana, frozen

½ cup pineapple, frozen

1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated

1 handful chopped kale

⅛ teaspoon cinnamon



Mix together in a blender and enjoy!



Detox Buddha Bowl

This yummy, detoxifying buddha bowl is jam packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

From: Love Food Nourish



Spicy Chickpeas

1.5 cups cooked chickpeas
1 Tbsp coconut oil
1 Tbsp ground turmeric powder
1 Tbsp ground cumin powder
1 tsp ground paprika powder
1/4 tspn sea salt

2 cups of kale, stems removed
2 cups of red cabbage, roughly chopped
1 medium carrot
1/2 medium red onion
Cumin Cashew Sauce
1/4 cup cashews
1 garlic clove
3 Tbsp olive oil
2 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp water
1 tsp cumin
Pinch of ground paprika powder
Extra salt and pepper to taste


Add cashew nuts to a bowl and enough warm water to cover them, cover bowl and let them sit for 15 minutes while you make the rest of the salad.

Add coconut oil to pan and melt. Add the chickpeas, turmeric, paprika, cumin and salt, stir the spices through the chickpeas so that they are coated. Cook for about 5 minutes until the chickpeas are golden brown.

Add the slicing attachment to your food processor and add the kale, cabbage and then red onion until finely sliced. Grate the carrot. If you don't have a food processor then chop finely by hand.

Drain and rinse the cashew nuts and add to blender with olive oil, lemon juice, water, cumin powder, paprika, salt and pepper. Blitz until smooth and creamy. Adjust seasoning to taste and water to reach desired thickness.

Arrange salad in bowl with chickpeas, and drizzle over cashew sauce.



Beet Strawberry Chia Pudding

You just need FIVE ingredients for this easy chia pudding that makes a great breakfast, snack, or fruity dessert! Start with some chia seeds, add some strawberry-beet-almond-milk mixture, and let it sit.

From: Emilie Eats



½ cup chia seeds
2¼ cups non-dairy milk*
½ cup strawberries (fresh or frozen)
½ cup beets, cubed and steamed
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
½ - 1 tablespoon maple syrup (optional)
Optional toppings: berries, nuts/seeds, coconut flakes, granola


In a medium bowl, add chia seeds.

In a blender or food processor, add non-dairy milk, strawberries, beets, and vanilla. Blend until completely smooth.

Slowly pour the liquid mixture into the bowl with the chia seeds while stirring. Stir until thoroughly mixed.

Place in the fridge and let it sit overnight, or at least 4-5 hours.

When ready to eat, stir in maple syrup; top with desired toppings such as strawberries, flax seeds, coconut, or granola.

Alright Roaming Yogis, that's all for now! We hope that this helps you feel great! Keep an eye out for our YouTube channel coming soon & don't forget to sign up for our Sri Lanka retreat February 23-March 2. Hope to see you there!


Kelly & Alice