Explore the world around you, Discover the world within you.

Inspired by nature & the power of new experiences, Roaming Yogi hosts unique yoga & adventure retreats around the world.

The Roaming Yogi Tribe is a growing group of adventure loving souls. We’re the wild ones who go off the beaten path and get to know ourselves more with each step. Our thirst for life is insatiable and we believe it's all about the experiences. Our bucket lists are a mile long, and we wouldn’t have it any other way because as soon as we cross something off, we open ourselves up to three more things we just must do / places we have to see. The world is wide and life is short!

We sustain and balance ourselves through a devoted yoga practice, one that empowers us to live more alive, aware and awake every day.

This is Roaming Yogi.

The Adventures

From snowmobiling in the high glaciers of Iceland to a wildlife safari in the Sri Lankan jungle, to trekking 50 miles and 15,000ft to Machu Picchu… our retreats are all about living vibrantly and fearlessly.

We select destinations based on several criteria, but the 2 most important things we ask ourselves are...

  1. What can we do to move our bodies outside in nature?

  2. Is this on people’s bucket list?

Then we put a lot of research into finding the most adventurous activities, the best scenery, and where to immerse in the culture. Most people who come on our retreats end up having several first time experiences and a-ha moments, and there is just something so magical about experiencing life with a group of likeminded strangers who become your family for the week.

The Tribe Leaders

Roaming Yogi was founded in 2016 by Kelly Collins & Alice Zarka.

We met teaching yoga in San Diego and quickly bonded over a trip to the dog park that ended in toasting champagne to similar goals and visions.

It wasn’t long before we started planning a retreat to Peru to hike Machu Picchu, and hosted 12 yogis hiking through the Andes & the Amazon.

We also quickly realized that our passion specifically is to create once in a lifetime experiences, and to create community around these experiences. We planned our next international excursion for later that year, and brought 10 yogis to see the Northern Lights and go on wild cold weather adventures in Iceland.

Like we said, our bucket lists are a mile long. So if yours is too, welcome to the Roaming Yogi tribe.

The Yoga

During our retreats, yoga classes are offered twice daily. Mornings include a vigorous practice- either 90 minutes vinyasa, pranayama & meditation or a workshop style class based on the group.

Evenings are reserved for reflective practices including yin, restorative, meditation and journaling. 

All classes are taught by founders Kelly & Alice.

The Vibe

We pride ourselves on shaping an environment where people feel empowered to be themselves, and to embrace their unique talents and personality traits. People make friends for a lifetime on our retreats because we are all in a space allowing ourselves to truly be seen, and seeing others in turn. We think group travel can be one of the most powerful things we can do in this lifetime. All humans crave, seek and need connection with likeminded souls and our retreats are all about mixing that with the balance of being alone, reflecting on our experiences within and in the external world. If this resonates with you, check out our upcoming offerings